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Updates & Thoughts

Autumn 2011

  • Still struggling with design of a new site. The summer has flown by. Will get a few new reviews up as soon as possible.

  • Recently had a great afternoon sitting in one of the area's best taverns, The Penguin.

  • The Denver House has returned. Opens at 4PM.

  • Rumor is that Clay's Wahtney's has been sold and will soon reopen.

  • Even though I was in a rush I tried my first St Boniface brand beer on the patio at the Black Angus.


March 2011

  • Moved Alpenhof to the RIP Page

  • The coveted CROWN OF EXCELLENCE has been awarded to Slammers (3/19/11) - Congratulations!

  • St Patrick's Day was a blast and generated several reviews: Champions (always a favorite and now seemingly smoke free?!?), Trooper Thorn's, Rumorz ( new establishment, first review ), Barbon's, Slammers and even the now closed Alpenhof (all Berks County, PA) and Lancaster County's Molly's Pub, O'Hallorans, Stubby's  and the brand new 7 Deadly.

  • Moved The Brewery Inn to the RIP Page.

  • The Corner House is in distress with its pending sale and departure of its owners.  A recent stop yielded some cold German beer and a decent meal. I hope this place can hang on.

January/February 2011

  • My recent trip up Rt 183 yielded a great find in Bernville's Eagle Hotel (and a decent time at Blue Marsh Canteen as well) (Berks Co, PA)

  • Tipster says all of the Alpenhof is gone and its now operating under a new name

  • "NatickChuck" from Massachusetts sent a great review of a stop he made at Cocalico Tavern (Lancaster Co). Glad to hear that this traveler had a good time in our neck of the woods

  • Where does time go?  Half way through February already and St Patrick's Day is now only a month away!

  • A new 'discovery' in Wernersville - Paradise By The Slice and an update on Johnny & Hon's in Robesonia (both Berks County, PA)

  • A nice review from "Reel Knotty" has been posted on the Bullshead Pub (Lititz, Lancaster County) Apologies for taking forever to get it posted.

  • Try a 22oz cold one at Inn 74 (Perry County)

  • I almost froze to death at Kaley's Korner (Reading, Berks Co)

September/October 2010

  • A smoky morning stop at Lancaster's Shamrock

  • "A&W" also chimed in with comments on the White Swan.

  • Tom from Los Alamitos, California (and a native of PORT Carbon - I've got a serious mental block about PORT vs MOUNT Carbon!) sent a nice email correcting my review of Pep's Pub. I had it listed as PORT Carbon. He also noted this:  Mount Carbon has also had one of the youngest mayors in history, Mayor Jeffrey Dunkel was sworn in as mayor when he was only 18 years old. The borough is considering merger with the City of Pottsville. Merger was shot down by the residents and the borough has been making financial progress since new council took the helm.

  • "Reel Knotty" weighs in on the White Swan.  Interesting review and thoughts!

  • OK, I stopped at the White Swan and my initial impression is a thumbs down. Read why.

  • Several tipsters reported that the White Swan (Rothsville, Lancaster County) was reopening on Monday 9-22. Its awesome that the new owners have painted it white and I want to stop by soon. No word yet on how things went.

  • The White Oak Inn in Shermans Dale (Perry County, PA) was WAY larger than I thought it would be when I stopped by on a recent Sunday afternoon.

  • The Hideaway is still a hideaway and Oliver the owner is still on duty. I wonder how many tourists ever find this smoky treasure?

  • Once in awhile I find a true treasure - The Woods Creek Grill (Lickdale, Lebanon County) is just that.  More photos and thoughts on my soon-to-be next visit.

August 2010

  • My first trip to the Black Forest Fire Company's Chili Festival produced reviews of Hotel Manor and the Black Forest Inn (both in Lycoming County)

  • Followed up with the July tip and stopped at Mike's Tavern.  Wow!


July 2010

  • DC sends a nice review of Mike's Tavern  [Reading, Berks Co, PA ]. Makes me want to go there right now.

  • Smith's Hotel [ Columbia, Lancaster Co ] is undergoing a big interior re-do.  I don't like it - too clean and bright. The latest Page 1 Girl, Tiffany, was hard at work during a recent visit. She has one of the most unique piercings I have ever seen.

  • The White Swan [ Rothsville, Lancaster County ] is again headed toward a reopening. The best news of all is this business has returned to the correct color - WHITE! The coolest thing is it sounds like the name may remain the same.

  • Farewell to our friend Bart Hannahoe, the long-time caretaker of the legendary Hannahoe's Grave service. I will post his obituary here soon.

May 2010

  • Spring is here and several volunteer field reviewers are hard at work.  All that great info will be posted soon!

  • Mike O'Neal from O'Neals Pub (Schuylkill County, PA) sent along updated info on their hours (now Tues 4-9 wing night and limited menu and Wed through Sat 11a-10p)

April 2010

  • BEDS sends a review of another Harrisburg watering hole - The Midtown Tavern has been a part of the Cap City for many years. See what he reports by going to Dauphin County, PA.

March 2010

  • St Patrick's Day shenanigan's with reports from Lancaster's Molly's Pub and Reading's Barbon's, Trooper Thorns and Slammers.

  • Pottstown is not that far from Reading but it is a town I have rarely visited.  Reviews of two Montgomery County pubs will soon go up - the Olde Gold Tavern and Jack Cassidy's Irish Pub

  • MARS sends his thoughts from the field on two Berks County, PA taverns: Cousins Pub and McArdles Pub. One negative experience and one positive - see what he thought!

  • BEDS forwards a nice review of the Corner House (Reading, Berks Co, PA). Makes me want to eat there soon!

  • While investigating a promising new local band, The Kilmaine Saints, I saw they will be playing at the Pub Dunegal in Mt Joy. Why the Tilted Kilt is now known as the (oddly spelled) Pub Dunegal will have to be something I research soon.

  • A recent meeting took me to Al's Diamond Cabaret.  Read my thoughts in my new review.

  • Stopped by B&N and picked up a copy of Berks County Living. They decided not to use a photo of the painting I had commissioned (instead relying on a shot of the painting that hangs in the Peanut Bar).  The one page article does an OK job of summarizing the Hannahoe's Grave service - and it closes with a mention of this website. I will ask them if I can include a copy on the Hannahoe page.

February 2010

  • Mmm mmm good lunch at the Reinholds Tavern (or whichever of its many names you choose to use - Lancaster Co, PA)

  • The Black Horse (Adamstown, Lancaster Co, PA) is as cozy as ever but minus the fantastical spicy mustard that always graced the bar

  • Posted a snowy photo of the former Denver House. This was one of the best old-fashioned pubs around. RIP

January 2010

  • The Ceremony at Hannahoe's Grave will be featured in the March 2010 issue of Berks County Living magazine (  They may be using a photograph of the painting that was commissioned to honor old Tom.

  • BEDS offers brief thoughts on a recent visit to Cafe Waldorf (Reading, Berks Co PA)

  • Review of Patsy Fagan's Irish Pub (Lebanon, Lebanon County, PA). I really liked this place and the owner was hard at work behind the bar.

  • White Swan (Lancaster Co, PA) - sounds like it is DOA

September 2009

  • "BooBoo" - legendary owner of Reading's BooBoo's Tavern (Berks Co., PA) has passed away. This fellow was a stitch and I will always remember sitting in his bar and looking to the right into his kitchen


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