Perry County, PA


The crown. The mark of royalty. This symbol denotes a tavern with an overall excellence that exceeds the norm.

 The foamy mug marks a specific  feature that is noteworthy.

Normally when a bar goes out of business the location will never again house a tavern. Often the liquor license is sold to a distant entity.  The phoenix marks pubs that have defied the odds and reopened after having been silenced.

Not every pub that says its Irish is Irish but the ones that are and the ones that have great St Patrick's Day events will be identified with this brand.

The screw. The sign of gross injustice or disservice.  AmericanTom believes that people go to their local watering hole to escape their day to day grind and troubles.  In a way, servers and barkeeps are like actors - orchestrating a great play whose cast are their customers. Some of the things that can generate a screw are: great disparity between how regulars and visitors are treated, rudeness or utter incompetence.

Most businesses have a neutral attitude toward motorcyclists.   The HD logo marks taverns that openly welcome those who arrive on scooters.

Inflation sucks. It sucks away your buying power.  If you can still buy a beer for one dollar - you will see this sign.

Seafood is a class of food all by itself.  Clams have little competition - few foods are better when done well and few foods can cause more problems when improperly served. See the clam next to a bar's name and it shows where tasty clams have been enjoyed!

I like Reading, PA. In spite of being Pennsylvania's most dangerous city there are a lot of cool things to do here. One of the best is that "our" beer is back. You can have your big, national (and often foreign-owned) brands.        I  am happy that Old Gus has come home!  Taverns serving this delicious brew will have this icon.

Have a cold one on the deck!

INN 74
5050 Waggoners Gap Rd   Landisburg  PA  17040  717-789-3738


<Autumn 2006> I recall that when I was a young lad I would pass this bar on the way to our cabin the mountains.  It always seemed to be a standout in the middle of nowhere and I vowed to someday return and check it out.

My late Fall visit found three guys finishing their lunch and beer before undoubtedly returning to some construction job that required straight lines and clear heads.

The lady behind the bar seemed nice but was preoccupied with a salesman.  A box in the corner was marked FREE BOOKS.  The deck looks neat and had a fryer and I bet there are some good times here in the summer when it is open.

<2-2011> I think the name of this business has changed slight but ownership seems to have remained the same. This really is a great example of a country tavern - few houses nearby and no real towns to speak of. People either travel here just to be here or stop while passing by.

The ladies behind the bar, both curvy and pretty, were welcoming and atmosphere was warm.   You can chose three sizes of beers here with the largest being a 22 ouncer. There are few better things than a sanctuary at the end of a cold day.

The deck still calls to me and I pledge to return there this summer.  This pub warrants further investigation.


3636 Waggoners Gap Rd   Carlisle   PA  17013  717-243-8158




5085 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA  17090  717-582-2919


<10-2003> From an internet source: "Several warrants were taken out shortly after the Revolutionary War for mountainous land which was then in Cumberland County but now Jaskson Twp, Perry County,PA. One the 31st of January 1787. David Doehl had a warrant for 300 acres including the improvements Laurel Run, adjoining Elk Hill, which included a bottom land called "Nettle Bottom".

When Perry County was formed in 1820, this out of the way place was called by the old classic name "Pandemonium", the abode for all demons. The town existed from 1787 until 1921.

I stopped on a warm October's day enroute to check on the cabin. It was only 1030AM but already several regulars were congregating at the bar. A professional rodeo was on TV and nobody was drinking milk or OJ.

I would suspect that they have some crazy nights of dancing and partying on the weekends and their dance floor is big enough that a bunch of people could be on it.

The funniest thing was when one of the bearded regulars said he had to go "to get ready for the hog roast". Somebody was gonna eat good that night! They had nice looking t-shirts and I I will purchase one the next time I am stop in.


Route 34, Shermans Dale, PA  17090  717-582-2736


6400 Spring Rd, Shermans Dale, PA  17090  717-582-8600   717-582-8600


<09-2010>   A quick side trip landed us at the White Oak in the middle of the Sunday afternoon football games.  Several guys were sucking down their suds with seemingly little interest in the non-local teams that were on the TVs.

My first thought was how much larger this bar was than what it appeared from the road.  The DJs area seems to be permanently setup and there is plenty of room for dancing. I want to return some Saturday when a band is playing. The sign outside proclaimed NO COVER for bands.  That's a good deal even with sucky bands. 

The young male bartender certainly should have known that we weren't locals and made no effort to talk to us. Yet another example of the poor customer service that permeates so many taverns.

There were only two females in the tavern: one was the bartender about to start the next shift and the other a lovely fragile lass that didn't seem to be with a particular male. She was the only one who said hello and made any effort to converse. The owner was even present and didn't say much.  To me,  a good bar is one where the staff at least greets the customers.

Some positives were that the White Oak has some great prices during Happy Hour and Monday Night Football and the 7&7 double the kid poured was done so with two heaping shots.